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Complaints Against Liberty Tax Service

If you look online, there are many complaints against most tax preparers including H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. There are fewer complaints against Liberty Tax Service, mostly because Liberty Tax Service is a lot younger than H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. While Jackson Hewitt started in 1982, Liberty Tax Service started in 1997. With the company being much younger than its competitors, there are fewer complaints against Liberty Tax Service online but there are some complaints nevertheless.

Liberty Tax Service Complaints

Some complaints against Liberty Tax Service have not made their way online. Most of the complaints about Liberty Tax Service is not unusual in the tax preparation industry. H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt make the same mistakes and they also have similar complaints against them and sometimes even lawsuits.

Complaints against Liberty Tax Service, not individual franchisees

Most customers are not aware of the fact that most tax preparers are franchisees. Although franchisees get guidelines from the corporate office, the corporate office does not have much say about how each franchisee operates the franchise. So, if there is a complaint against the services performed at a local franchise store, then contacting the corporate office will not get very far. After all, the corporate office makes more money keeping each franchise owner happy.

Key areas of complaints against Liberty Tax Service and other major tax preparers

High fees & incorrect quotes

Most tax preparers including Liberty Tax Service won't know how much each tax return will cost exactly until the tax return is prepared and done with. So, most of them will be reluctant to give quotes. While Liberty Tax Service's rule is to honor any quotes given, this is rarely true in practice. Liberty Tax Service vouches for competitive fees. However, it is true that you can sometimes find better fees elsewhere therefore, Liberty Tax Service focuses more on customer satisfaction rather than low fees.


There have been complaints that some tax preparers at Liberty Tax Service offices are not competent tax preparers. Some of them key in incorrect information from W-2 or other tax forms. Some of them give wrong advice regarding how to claim deductions. Liberty Tax Service does give the 100% satisfaction guarantee but in reality the customer will have to go through much trouble correction his or tax return and the refund may or may not come after everything is sorted. Most tax preparers at Liberty Tax Service and other competitors are not experienced tax preparers. They are not licensed CPAs and have not gone through years of study to become tax professionals. In each Liberty Tax Service, there may be one or two people in there that know about tax laws to give advice but most people who work there are not qualified to give advice but do regardless.

Rapid refund not as rapid as advertised

This is common problem with tax preparers not just Liberty Tax Service and will be covered in another section.