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Do I Have to Pay Tax on Alimony?

Alimony is one of the confusing items that many taxpayer are unsure of who pays what. Common questions regarding alimony tax deductions, tax payments, and reporting are:

  • Do I Have to pay tax on alimony?
  • What are the alimony tax deductions?
  • When do you pay income tax on alimony?
  • Who pays tax on alimony?
  • Do you pay tax on alimony checks?
  • What is the tax rate on alimony?
What is alimony?

Alimony is the payment made to a spouse or former spouse under a divorce decree or separation agreement. Alimony is sometimes referred to as maintenance payment.

What is the difference between child support and alimony?

Some people think that alimony and child support are the same thing. However, child support is not the same as alimony or separate maintenance payments.

Who pays tax on alimony?

The recipient of the alimony pays tax on it. That means whoever receives the alimony checks pays tax on the alimony amount received. Alimony received is reported as income for the recipient.

Is alimony tax deductible?

Alimony is tax deductible for the alimony payer. Alimony is not tax deductible for the recipient of the alimony.

Where to report alimony on tax form?

Alimony paid is reported as an adjustment on line 31a of the alimony payer's tax form 1040. The social security number of the recipient of the alimony must also be entered on line 31b of the tax form 1040.

Is child support taxable?

Child support is, unlike alimony payments, not taxable to the recipient and cannot be claimed as a tax deduction and adjustment to income by the payer.