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Free Tax Filing

Free tax filing is available for low income tax payers. If you are eligible for free tax filing, you should take advantage of it. You can go to the IRS website to find out where you can get free tax filing in your state and local area. If you don't want to go to the IRS website, you can find free tax filing places by checking out your local libraries. Local libraries often have tax assistance and free tax help around tax filing season. They will be able to guide you to where free tax filings are.

Free tax filing

Free tax filing information from United Way

United Way often has a list of free tax filing places available. You need to call United Way tax help hotline to find out where the nearest place of free tax filing to you is.

Do I qualify for free tax filing?

Low income tax payers who made under a set amount are eligible for free tax filing. There are free online tax filing and places you can go to have someone prepare your tax return and file tax for free. If you want to receive your tax return fast, it is best to e-file. Various online tax preparation companies offer free tax filing for low income tax payers. These online tax preparation companies offer the use of their free tax software and help you efile your federal tax return for free. But for state tax return, they usually charge a small amount of fee such as $7-$10 for efiling state tax returns.

How good are these free online tax filing software vs Turbo Tax, Tax Act or Tax Cut?

Different online free tax filing companies offer different proprietary tax software. Some tax software are more user friendly than others. Compared to Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or Tax Cut, these tax software tend to offer less explanations for each tax deductions and more limited tax help files. However, these free tax software are adequate enough for free tax filing. Sometimes, it helps to refer to tax help books, online tax help, call the IRS tax help line or local tax help assistance to help you use these free tax preparation software.

When asked free tax filing customers who have used Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or Tax Cut usually say that Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or Tax Cut are much easier to use than those free online tax software that come with free tax filing. But, when probed further, they say the free tax software with free tax filing are not much more difficult. They just need getting used to and sometimes looking up tax help rules on the internet helps.