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Liberty Tax Coupon

All tax preparation services have discount coupons. Customers no longer has to pay the full price for tax preparation services. Most Liberty Tax coupons are $20 off the tax preparation fee.

The $20 off discount Liberty Tax coupon below is issued by Liberty Tax Service and should be honored by all Liberty Tax Service franchises. However, it is best to check with the Liberty Tax Service location where you want your tax return prepared to ensure that the coupon is honored.

Each year, Liberty Tax Service sends out this $20 Liberty Tax coupon to existing Liberty Tax customers. New customers often can pick these Liberty Tax discount coupons up from their workplace or at coffee houses where Liberty Tax coupon distributors have been. Most Liberty Tax coupons expires at the end of the tax season (April 15th) each year. But, they are usually valid again the following year. Even if your Liberty Tax coupon is out of date, you can often still use it. Either way, if you stop by at your local Liberty Tax Service office, you can often just pick up more Liberty Tax coupons. Liberty Tax Service franchisees would rather give you the $20 off than losing you as a customer.

The Liberty Tax coupon below is free and printable. To print the coupon, right click on the picture, view at full image size then print.

Liberty Tax coupons

Can I use a Liberty Tax coupon at any Liberty Tax Service location?

Most of the time, all Liberty Tax Service franchises will honor any Liberty Tax coupons. After all, the Liberty Tax discount coupons are only for $20 off whereas a customer is likely to spend about $200 on his or her tax return preparation.

Liberty Tax discount coupon