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Liberty Tax Ripped Off

Many people ask if other people have been ripped off by Liberty Tax Service. While there are many complaints about tax preparation services online, little has been said about Liberty Tax. Liberty Tax is still relatively new and although the number of franchises is multiplying, it is still small compared to other tax preparation services.

Has anyone been ripped off by Liberty Tax?

If you look online, there are reports of unhappy customers. The truth is that there will always be unhappy customers and yes some people have said that they have been ripped off by Liberty Tax Service.

Which Liberty Tax Service office rip me off?

Customers should distinguish between different Liberty Tax Service offices. Each office is a franchise and if one office rips a customer off, it does not mean the whole company is a ripoff or that another Liberty Tax Service will also rip people off. In fact, most of the customers who said that they have been ripped off by Liberty Tax can avoid being ripped off if they know the followings.

How to avoid getting into Liberty Tax Service Ripoff situation

First of all, customers should know that companies such as Liberty Tax Service don't mean to rip people off. However, sometimes miscommunication can result in rip-off situations and before anything can be corrected, customers already walk away thinking they have been ripped off and feeling angry. When compared with other competitors, Liberty Tax Service actually often goes out of their way to please customers and even offering the 100% satisfaction guarantee in hope of retaining customers and avoiding ripping off stories about themselves.

Secondly, customers should be skeptical when discussing any tax related situations with tax preparers who use tax software and who do not own the franchise. Most of the time, the tax software such as the Liberty Tax software spit out the price and fees of the tax return after the preparation is done and it is hard for any tax preparers to calculate upfront what the fees would be without going through all of the questions and knowing what forms to file. Many customers walk in wanting quotes and when the quotes are not the same as the actual prices, they feel like they have been ripped off. To avoid this, don't trust the quotes you get from any tax preparers but the owner.

Thirdly, many customers feel like if the tax preparer spent a short amount of time preparing their tax returns, then they should pay less. This is not the case for tax preparation industry. Unlike visiting a lawyer or even a CPA, tax preparation is priced based on the number of tax forms used. However, some companies charge extra fees for extended number of hours spent on a tax return. Liberty Tax Service has not been known to add fees for extra time spent on tax returns.

Fourthly, some customers opt for rapid refund and applying for loans against their expected tax refund. When they don't get the loans or the terms of the loans are not as they are told by the tax preparer, they are upset and feel ripped off. To avoid this, customers should know that loans are bank products and most tax preparation offices do not have anything to do with whether they are approved or not or what fees are charged or if you don't get the loan then will there be a refund on the bank fees. If you apply for rapid refund, it is out of the tax preparer's hand so don't trust what he or she tells you. Your best bet is to read about it before you sign anything and be prepared to not get refunds for the fees of the loan application or the advance refund. Banks are hard to deal with for customers and for tax preparers.