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Liberty Tax School

Every year, most Liberty Tax Service stores offer free Liberty Tax School for anyone interested in doing some tax preparation for them. You need to check with individual Liberty Tax Service store to see if they offer the Liberty Tax School at that location. There are many Liberty Tax School locations to choose from so you don't have to settle for the location that you are not happy attending classes at.

How much do the Liberty Tax School classes cost?

The Liberty Tax School classes are free. The Liberty Income tax free tax school exists to recruit and create new tax preparers to help each Liberty Tax Service franchise during busy tax season. By offering free classes, Liberty Tax School franchise owner can evaluate would be employees first hand. Also, most employees look for training on the job. By offering free tax classes, Liberty Tax Service franchise owners can avoid paying employees while they are training or learning about how to prepare taxes and tax laws.

While most big companies will hire employees, pay them a salary and then pay them to train on the job, Liberty Tax Service has found a way to reduce training and recruitment budget many folds.

When are Liberty Tax School classes?

There are a few Liberty Tax School classes. In early January there is a rapid tax class to recruit tax preparers to get ready to do taxes from January to April 15th. The rapid tax class by Liberty Tax School is short and not in depth. However, there are longer and more involved courses that last many weeks later on in the year.

How to enroll for a Liberty Tax School?

To enroll for a Liberty Tax School, you can go to Liberty Tax website and input your information on there. However it is probably more efficient to just get the phone number of a Liberty Tax Service where you want to attend classes at and then give them a call. Liberty Tax Service offices are small and it will be easy to get the owner of the franchise on the phone to talk about the tax school. All you need to give Liberty Tax Service to enroll in their Tax School is your name, address and phone number. There is no contract to sign and you can go to the first few classes to decide if you like it. If you do you can complete the course. If not, you can just quit the class.

How good is the Liberty Tax School?

When you attend the Liberty Tax School, you will be given a book or 2 books for longer courses. The books will have a lot of information on tax returns and how to prepare tax returns. Everything in the books are self explanatory and most of the time, you will just read what's in the books in class. So, if you like to self study, all you need is to get the books and study yourself. However, sometimes you will want to use the Liberty Tax Service tax preparation software to do the problems. Liberty Tax Service software is similar to TurboTax or TaxCut. Some people say that the Liberty Tax Service tax preparation software is not as advance as TaxCut or TurboTax software.