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Liberty Tax Services

In the US, Liberty Tax Service franchises offer many tax preparation services. The Liberty Tax services compete with services offered by CPAs, independent Tax preparers, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. Below is the logo of Liberty Tax Service.

Liberty Tax Services logo

Liberty Tax Services include tax preparation, tax education, tax tips and resources. All Liberty Tax Service franchises offer the same basic tax preparation and tax education services. However, details can vary depending on each Liberty Tax Service franchise owner.

What are the services offered at Liberty Tax Service?

All Liberty Tax Service franchises or stores offer the following services.

  • Year round support

All Liberty Tax Service franchises open all year round with more hours around the peak time of tax season and limited hours during non tax season. Tax season starts in January and ends on April 15th.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

At Liberty Tax Service, customers' satisfaction is important and they offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. However, you have to pay the tax preparation fees before you can get a refund.

  • Accuracy guarantee

If Liberty Tax Service guarantees the most accurate tax return and the largest possible tax refund. If you catch them making mistakes in their tax preparation service that result in penalties or interest, they will reimburse you for those fees caused by their incompetence.

  • Free consultation

Customers can always walk in for a free consultation at Liberty Tax Service stores. However, they will try to convert you to a paying customer as will any other retail stores.

  • Audit assistance

In case of an IRS audit on any tax returns they prepared, Liberty Tax Service will assist the customers by accompanying them to the audit and explaining to the IRS their tax preparation process.

  • Correspondence assistance

If you prepare your tax return at Liberty Tax Service, they will help you interpret letters or inquiries and correspond with the IRS or the state regarding your tax returns.

  • Free copies

If you ever need a copy of your tax return prepared by Liberty Tax Service at any time, you can get a copy for free at any Liberty Tax Service store, even if you did not prepare your tax return at that particular store.