Tax preparation online

Liberty Tax efile

You can efile your tax returns at Liberty Tax Service as well as do paper return. Nowadays, more people efile their tax returns because it is much faster and more convenient. Most of the time, you can even get a loan from an approved bank against your expected tax return and get your money in one hour if you are approved.

How much is Liberty Tax efile?

If you have your taxes prepared at Liberty Tax Service, the fee for efile is included in the tax preparation fee. That does not mean efile service is free at Liberty Tax Service unless you are a low income taxpayer who qualify for free efile according to the IRS rules.

I did my tax return online using Liberty Tax software online, how do I efile?

Sometimes, customers can go online or get a software to prepare their tax returns at home. Then they can take their tax returns to a local Liberty Tax Service office and get it efiled.

How much does it cost to efile a tax return I prepared using Liberty Tax software?

Liberty Tax efile

If you use the Liberty Tax Service software to prepare your tax return and then take that return to Liberty Tax Service to get it filed electronically, you will pay something like $47 to efile.

However, that tax return will not be double checked by Liberty Tax Service personnel so if there is a problem, Liberty Tax Service will not take any responsibility.

I have my tax return prepared elsewhere, can I take it to Liberty Tax Service to efile?

No matter whether you already have your taxes done elsewhere or not, when you go to Liberty Tax to e-file, the Liberty Tax Service tax preparer who is helping you will have to input all the numbers into the system from scratch and that is equivalent to preparing your tax return from scratch. Full fee will be charged regardless.