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Tax Cut Software

Tax Cut software is owned by the tax preparation and financial firm, H & R Block. For a long time, Tax Cut software and Turbo Tax software have been the two popular tax software for filing online and preparing your taxes yourself. However, nowadays, there are other tax software on the market that are as good as these two software. Tax Cut software is still preferred by many tax filers especially when most of the Tax Cut software comes with complimentary consultation by H & R Block.

About Tax Cut Software by H & R Block

There are many editions of Tax Cut software by H & R Block. The Tax Cut software Basics is for people with no itemized tax deductions. Tax Cut software Basics is free to download but costs to e-file or file online. Even Tax Cut basics comes with federal and state returns.

Tax Cut software vs Turbo Tax software

Many people who were using Tax Cut software switch to using Turbo Tax software and also vice versa. When asked, most Tax Cut software customers say they stick with Tax Cut software because they know how to use it already and Tax Cut software is adequate enough for them to not want to change. Other Tax Cut software customers change to Turbo Tax because they say Turbo Tax software offer more help within the tax software itself. You may want to try using Tax Cut software one year and Turbo Tax software or Tax Act or any other tax software another year to decide for yourself.

Tax Cut

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