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Tax Deductible Medical Expenses

Below is the list of tax deductible medical expenses as well as nondeductible medical expenses.

List of tax deductible medical expenses
  • Insurance premiums:
    • medical
    • dental
    • long term care (limited)
    • Medicare Parts B and D
  • Prescription medicines
  • Medical service fees from doctors, dentists, surgeons and other medical practitioners.
  • Medical exams and tests
  • Medical mileage incurred for doctor's visits, medical clinic for treatment, to pick up medications etc (20 cents a mile) and parking and tolls
  • other transportation expense such as bus or taxi
  • Nurse for in home care or hospital care
  • medical treatment for:
    • alcoholism
    • drug addiction
    • stop smoking programs including the cost of prescription drugs designed to alleviate nicotine withdrawal
  • certain weight loss programs to treat disease diagnosed by physician including obesity
  • medical aids such as eyeglasses, contacts, hearing aids, braces, crutches, wheelchairs, etc
  • ambulance and emergency service charges
List of payments that are not tax deductible as medical expenses
  • cosmetic surgery, unless medically necessary
  • life insurance or income protection policies
  • Medicare tax on wages
  • Nursing care for healthy baby
  • Medicine purchased without a prescription
  • Travel the doctor advises for rest or a change
  • teeth whitening
  • any type of funeral or burial costs