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Tax Deductions: Educator Expenses

One of the most common tax deductions is the Educator expenses tax deduction. To claim tax deductions for educator expenses, you must qualify as an eligible educator. Tests for eligibility of an educator include number of hours at work, type of school, and qualified expenses. Below is information on educator expenses as well as where to claim the tax deductions for educator expenses.

Who qualify as eligible educators?

Eligible educators include:

  • teachers
  • counselors
  • instructors
  • principals
  • aides
How many hours does an educator has to work to qualify as eligible educator?

The educator has to work for at least 900 hours during a school year in a school that provided elementary or secondary education. See state law for definition of elementary or secondary education. College educators are not included in the definition of qualified educators for the tax deductions of educator expenses.

What are the tax deductions for educator expenses?

The tax deductions for educator expenses are:

  • up to $250 for qualified unreimbursed expenses on IRS tax form 1040A or 1040 (not as itemized misc. tax deductions)
  • up to $500 if the taxpayer is married and filing jointly and both the taxpayer and his or her spouse are eligible educators.

Educator expenses above $ 250 are not tax deductible per educator.

What are qualified educator expenses for tax deductions?

Educator qualified expenses are unreimbursed expenses paid or incurred for:

  • books
  • supplies
  • computer equipment (including related software and services)
  • other equipment or supplementary materials the taxpayer uses in his or her classroom
Where list the $250 educator's expenses on the federal tax form?

Educator expenses tax deductions should be claimed on line 23 of the Tax form 1040 or line 16 of the IRS tax form 1040A.