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Below are some commonly asked questions about tax filing status. Determining your own tax filing status can be complicated if you don't know all the rules set forth by the IRS. Below is a guideline to help you determine your tax filing status.

What is my tax filing status after divorce?

If you are divorced by the end of the year, then you are considered either single or head of household. If you cannot qualify as head of household then your tax filing status is single. If you can qualify as a head of household, you should do so because it will result in lower taxes.

What is single tax filing status?

A taxpayer's IRS tax filing status is single if he or she is:

  • unmarried, or
  • separated from his or her spouse by a divorce or separate maintenance decree
  • widowed (with no dependent child) before January 1st and has not remarried by the end of the year


  • does not qualify of another tax filing status.

Do we have to be married to file jointly?

Yes. Two people have to be legally married to file tax return jointly.

Do you have to file taxes jointly if married?

No. You do not have to file taxes jointly if you are married. You can file taxes separately or if qualified you can file with a Head of Household tax filing status.

When to file married jointly?

A person can file married jointly if he or she is married and the spouse agrees to file married jointly.