Tax preparation online
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Tax Preparation Help

If you are filing your tax return yourself, the tax preparation help, explanations and suggestions below will be very handy. The tax preparation help tips below help you fill out your tax forms as well as help you report income and figure out expenses, tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions.

Sometimes, based on your tax return in the previous year, the IRS may mail you the appropriate 1040 tax forms for you to prepare your tax return with. If you file electronically, the IRS is unlikely to send you any paper tax forms.

Get the tax forms with instructions

Before you fill out any IRS tax forms, read the instructions that come with the tax forms. Each tax form should have instructions to it. And, if you don't understand how to report a tax item, you can refer to relevant IRS publications that the instruction booklet should list.

Do I have to use the same tax forms I used last year?

If you use a particular tax form last year, you may need a different tax form this year depending on your situation. Sometimes, filing different tax forms will result in more tax refunds because of more deductions or credits.

Electronic filing is more popular nowadays

If you are still preparing your tax return on paper, the IRS encourages you to file electronically. Fling tax returns electronically is much more convenient for both the taxpayers and the IRS. It is more efficient and you get your tax refund much faster.

What if I did not receive my tax forms in the mail?

A lot of people don't receive their tax forms in the mail. Not receiving tax forms does not mean you are exempt from tax filing. If you have not received a tax form, you can check your income level and IRS rules on tax filing requirements to see if you need to file your tax return. If you do, you can pick your tax forms up at local libraries or IRS offices. You can also order them directly from the IRS or print them out online.

Steps for tax preparation

There are six steps for preparing tax returns:

  1. getting your records together for income and expenses
  2. getting the tax forms, schedules, and publications you need
  3. filling in your tax return on paper or online using tax preparation software
  4. checking your tax return to ensure that everything is correct
  5. signing and dating your tax return
  6. attaching all required forms and schedules

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