Tax preparation online

Tax Resources

There are many free tax resources available for taxpayers. The IRS offers many free tax resources online, over the phone and at local IRS offices. There are also other organizations such as the AARP that offer free tax resources for certain groups of taxpayers.

IRS tax forms and publications

The IRS has many tax forms, instructions and publications that are great resources for taxpayers. Tax forms can be printed off from the IRS website or requested by phone directly from the IRS. Most local libraries have common  IRS publications, instructions and forms for taxpayers to just pick up from end of January through to April.

IRS Publications are great resources to explain to taxpayers how to file their tax returns properly and what the rules are for tax deductions, tax credits and exemptions. The IRS also provide tax resources on CD roms as well as e-news subscription services.

Requesting documents from the IRS

Taxpayers can request many tax documents from the IRS. You can get transcripts, W-2 information and verification of non filing as well as copies of tax returns for a small fee. The IRS can provide a copy of your tax return for $39 for each tax year requested.

Community based outlet programs or CBOP

The IRS also supplies federal tax material to many public and private institutions to offer easy availability for taxpayers. You can find tax resources at:

  • post offices
  • libraries
  • copy centers and office supply stores
  • major companies
  • credit union
  • grocery stores and pharmacies
  • local government offices

Any business can participate in the CBOP program. Call 800-829-2765 for more information on CBOP tax resources.