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Tax Return Filing Status

When filing federal income tax, you need to know what your tax return filing status is. The IRS uses the tax return filing status is used to determine the taxpayer's federal income tax filing requirements, standard deduction and other tax deductions as well as correct tax.

I have life events during the year, what is my tax return filing status?

Your tax return filing status is determined on the last day of the tax year which is usually December 31st for more tax payers. You cannot split the tax filing status so whatever tax filing status you are at the year end, the IRS assumes that you are that tax filing status all year long.

What is most important when determining the tax return filing status?

Tax return filing status is usually determined by whether you are married or not. 

If you are married by the end of the year, then you are considered married for the whole year and your tax return filing status will reflect that you are married.

If you are married all year but by the end of the year you are legally separate or divorced, then you are considered separated or divorced all year.

How many tax return filing statuses are there according to the IRS?

There are five tax return filing statuses:

  1. single (S)